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3 Ways to Prepare for a Winter Storm

5/6/2021 (Permalink)

Weather Condition News Report Climate Forecasting Meteorology Temperature Concept Keep yourself updated on the weather.

Prepare For A Winter Storm

Winter storms ravage the country year after year, leaving people stuck in their homes without power, heat, and communication devices. Avoid being stranded inside without the necessities you need to remain comfortable and safe. Following these simple steps will prepare you and your family for the inevitable winter snowstorm.

1. Stay Current
Several excellent sources are available to keep you updated on current weather patterns:

  • Internet
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Newspaper

Meteorologists typically warn the public of a potential winter storm a day or two in advance. As violent weather nears, the warning becomes a storm watch. At this point, the news will provide information on what to expect and how to prepare.

2. Be Prepared
When you anticipate a heavy snowstorm in Harper Woods, MI, stock up on essentials before it arrives. Make sure to fill necessary prescriptions and purchase batteries for flashlights. Turn your water off to avoid a pipe burst, and eliminate the need for water damage repair once the storm has passed.
Roads are often treacherous in winter months, making quick trips to the grocery store impossible. Make sure you have enough food to last your family a few days. Accumulating nonperishable snacks and clean drinking water will eliminate the need to risk the icy, hazardous roads outside.

3. Communicate With Your Employer
Commuting to work during a winter storm is incredibly scary and very dangerous. Protect your safety and that of your coworkers by establishing a work-from-home plan in the event of an emergency. Be sure to remain in contact with your employer, as bad weather can last for hours, days, or even weeks.
Not only is driving to work dangerous, but many issues at home might require your attention during a big storm. Power outages, canceled school, and household damages are common and stressful in the winter months. Establishing a work-from-home plan allows you to manage your home while still maintaining your workload.
Winter weather is dangerous and unpredictable. Properly preparing for the next big snowstorm will keep your family safe, your house intact, and your work accessible.

How Is Content Cleaned After a Commercial Fire?

5/6/2021 (Permalink)

Structure of a window frame burned. Fire damaged building in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI.

New Methods Used To Clean Up After A Fire

Technology is rapidly changing the process of content cleaning. New methods are joining with old to quickly clean up after a fire in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI, making the process much easier – and saving customers a great deal of cash.

Dry-Cleaning Is Low-Cost and Widely Effective
Dry cleaners use time-tested technology to strip fabrics of stains. Restoration experts use the same technology inside a business to save carpet, fabrics and upholstery from having to be replaced.
The chemicals used are proven to be safe and ecological and the process has numerous benefits over wet cleaning, including:

  • Protecting color-fast material
  • Removing the most stubborn stains
  • Less abrasive for delicate fabrics
  • Larger items can be cleaned

Dry-cleaning can also be used prior to wet cleaning to enhance the results. Many office carpets can be saved this way.

Ultrasonic Technology Is Quick and Effective
The best restoration experts in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI, now use custom solvents in conjunction with ultrasonic devices to scrub soot and smoke from a huge variety of items. Objects are sprayed and then immersed in a tub while being exposed to high-energy ultrasonic waves. This forces the solvent to penetrate in between the minuscule soot particles and almost immediately strips away the contaminates.

Restoration Versus Replacement
Your restoration company should have a restore versus replace mentality. This not only keeps the costs lower, but it can also save many items that would otherwise have to be discarded. Many contents not covered by insurance can be easily restored by experienced fire damage technicians.
Foam cleaning is also used to save other fabrics. Wet cleaning is often still the preferred method when nothing may be damaged by the process, though.

Full-Service Restoration
While your building is being restored, you may request content storage with the restoration company. It’s a good idea to ask about this since they can then clean your items while they’re safely stored away. It ensures nothing gets broken or stolen by employees and customers.
Between dry-cleaning and all the other options, you can often get your business back in operation in very little time. Handing your problem to experienced professionals makes all the difference.

The Key Elements of Fire Damage Restoration

3/22/2021 (Permalink)

view of bedroom, door of bedroom open, house caught fire, smoke and soot damage in a home Fire damage in a Detroit, MI residence.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 30,000 home fires happen every month in the U.S. These fires range from fairly minor to major events that cause extensive damage to a home. Residential fires happen for many reasons, but one commonality in these situations is the need for fire restoration. This is the art and science of restoring a home to its original condition. It is not an easy task and usually requires the services of a professional emergency restoration company. Highly trained technicians work to minimize damage to a home in Detroit, MI, reduce costs and expenses and keep everyone as safe as possible.

Proven Methods To Reduce Costs

After a fire, a home is often open to the elements and therefore subject to additional damage from weather. A fire restoration crew will do an immediate board-up or roof tarp service to prevent water from coming into the home. Experienced technicians will also perform some or all of the following actions:

  • Water removal and drying
  • Mitigation of smoke damage
  • Cleaning and repair
  • Reconstruction of damaged structures

A team that is conscious of extra costs will practice a restore versus replace mentality. Workers will test materials such as furniture, clothing and carpeting to see if they can be successfully cleaned of soot and odors.

Advanced Training for Improved Safety

In addition to professional damage cleaning, an experienced team will focus on safety. Trained workers know that soot can penetrate all areas of the home including the HVAC system, posing a potential health risk. They also know that the extreme heat of a house fire can make canned goods and other foods unsafe to eat. As part of the fire restoration process, the crew will secure the home against the dangers of falling items and unstable structures. In the aftermath of a home fire, a professional crew works to restore a home safely and efficiently.

How To Restore Water Damage in 4 Steps

3/16/2021 (Permalink)

Dehumidifier and the phrase Stay Dry It is important to dry the area as quickly as possible.

Water Cleanup Process

Water damage to your Grosse Pointe Shores, MI, home is a major hassle. Fortunately, swift action can prevent further problems. The following steps outline the water cleanup process.

1. Assess the Damage
The first thing you need to do after a flood is survey the damage. Identify and repair the source of the water. Fix broken pipes, patch leaks and take other necessary action to prevent further inundation. Determine whether the water source is clean or contaminated and if there are any electrical hazards. Some homeowners may feel comfortable completing the restoration process themselves, but others may choose to hire a certified restoration service.

2. Dry the Area
Keep in mind that water damage can lead to mold growth within 24 hours, so it is important to dry the area as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Use pumps, wet/dry vacuums, fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the water. If the humidity outside is low, open windows and doors to increase airflow.

3. Clean Affected Items
Depending on the source of the water and how long it has been stagnant, you may have to sanitize items that came into contact with it. Even clean water, such as from a water heater leak, can foster microbial growth and should be treated as contaminated after 24 hours.

4. Repair and Replace Damaged Items
After everything is clean and dry, you can begin the restoration process. Remember that some things, such as fiberglass insulation, affected by contaminated water cannot be completely cleaned and need to be replaced. Even if you can do some of the restoration yourself, professional assistance is often needed to restore delicate items like electronics, antiques and photographs.
Hopefully, your home will never incur water damage. If it does, dry the property out, clean it thoroughly, and make any necessary repairs. Acting quickly helps prevent further damage and allows you to restore your home to its preloss condition.

Why SERVPRO Is the Preferred Choice for Restoring Documents

2/25/2021 (Permalink)

Wet documents Any flooded business is likely to experience wet documentation.

Any flooded business is likely to experience wet documentation. It is shocking how easily contaminated waters are able to breach file cabinets and storage boxes. The good news is that compromised data in Grosse Pointe, MI, may be saved with the right attention. If your records are in danger of being lost forever, contact an experienced document restoration professional for proper preservation.

Documents That Can Be Salvaged

SERVPRO is capable of restoring all types of materials, including:

  • Paper records
  • Photographs
  • X-Rays
  • Parchment

Besides document drying, disinfecting of affected items is also necessary, as bacteria and other harmful chemicals are likely to be present. Never touch soaked records before they have been sterilized.

Document Salvaging Methodology
SERVPRO’s facilities are specially designed for handling compromised files. Put their years of experience to work for you and save soaked documents before the knowledge contained within them vanishes.
Restoration experts employ freeze-drying and gamma radiation technologies on jeopardized files. These high-tech methodologies are two of the latest to become prominent in the field of document restoration. The Faster to Any Size Disaster company’s breadth allows enough flexibility to handle projects big and small.
HIPPA Master-certified technicians oversee the process from start to finish, guaranteeing your data remains confidential without direct oversight. Once document drying and decontamination are complete, additional services, such as re-jacketing and deodorizing, can be applied.

Document Digitizing
The experience of having your company’s paperwork imperiled may trigger the realization that you are better off moving to an all-digital system. SERVPRO’s team of document restorers can help make this happen. In addition to saving space, transferring records into electronic form makes duplicate record keeping a snap, thus reducing the odds of a similar disaster transpiring in the future.
Document restoration is a complex and delicate process best handled by knowledgeable individuals bearing specialized equipment. When your company’s documentation becomes at risk, hire experts to make sure the information contained within remains accessible.

5 Steps to Water Restoration

2/16/2021 (Permalink)

three worker picking up a black plastic cover (bag). Concept cleaning after water damage Water cleanup services in Grosse Pointe Park, MI.

Water Restoration Process

When you are a business owner, you already have a million things to worry about. Having a situation that requires a pipe burst cleanup is one concern you do not want to add to your list. If you own a business in Grosse Pointe Park, MI, and you are facing this kind of problem, you will need to seek out the help of a water cleanup professional to assist you. When you call an expert, you can expect them to talk about "water damage restoration." This is what that entails.

1. Inspecting the Property
In the first part of the restoration process, a professional will come out to assess the damage. Was the pipe burst caused by supply line leaking or another reason? Is damage limited to one area or is it extensive?

2. Removing the Water
Next, you can expect the company you hire to remove standing water via extraction. Depending on the situation, they may use submersible pumps or various versions of professional-grade vacuums.

3. Drying and Dehumidifying the Interior
After water removal, the next step of a pipe burst cleanup is drying everything out. By using special dehumidifiers and monitoring moisture levels, professionals can ensure the damaged area is ready for restoration.

4. Cleaning and Sanitizing the Property
Before making repairs, the next things to address are cleaning and sanitization. During this phase, remediation experts will also remove any debris as part of the cleaning procedure.

5. Restoring the Business
After a thorough inspection and cleaning, your building will finally be ready for the actual restoration to begin. In this final stage, you can expect the professionals you hire to restore your business to its previous condition. Sometimes, this work can be extensive and may even include carpet and drywall replacement.
If your commercial property is in need of a pipe burst cleanup, it can be beneficial to understand the restoration process. You can prepare for the work ahead by learning more about what to expect.

Reasons You Could Be Sued for Mold Growth

2/1/2021 (Permalink)

Spots of mold on a wall Mold damage in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

If you are a building owner in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI, you could be sued for the detrimental impact of mold on your property. This is true if you lease buildings to an industrial client or to an office customer, but it is perhaps most commonly seen in regards to apartment complexes. People who use your building space or who rent rooms expect a clean and healthy environment in which to live or conduct business. The presence of mold colonies makes a site unpleasant and could even impact air quality in the space. This could result in mold insurance claims that seek liability damages.

How To Avoid a Mold Claim

While the situation could seem fraught with difficulty, it is easy to overcomplicate things. You have a few basic responsibilities when it comes to maintaining your property for a client:

  • Keep the building in good shape
  • Respond to complaints in a timely manner
  • Fix items that are broken
  • Make sure your clients are safe

If you take care of these items, you will likely prevent lawsuits against your company. While mold is a challenging problem for any company, you have a number of opportunities to limit your exposure to mold insurance claims. Preventative measures such as cleaning up water leaks can stop mold growth from becoming a problem.

How To Handle Mold Remediation
If a client does complain about mold colonies in your building, you should call for the services of a professional mold mitigation company. Trained technicians will come to your property and work efficiently to contain and then remove mold. They will use advanced equipment and proven cleaning agents to make sure the mold is gone from all areas of your building. A professional cleaning job makes sure that mold will not return in the near future. This is the best way to reassure your customers that the mold is gone and to prevent any mold insurance claims.

Types of Flood Water Contamination

1/27/2021 (Permalink)

Background of clear water, with the phrase WATER CATEGORIES Which type of waste water is flooding in your home

Which Type Of Water Is Flooding In Your Home

While all types of floods are capable of inflicting massive amounts of water damage on your property, some are just inherently more dangerous than others. Floods are classified according to one of three categories, depending on which types of contaminants are present in the water. Read on to see which type of water is flooding your home in Detroit, MI.

1. Category 1: Clean Water Floods
Much like the name implies, Category 1 floods are characterized by an absence of contaminants. It is possible for these types of floods to transform into more dangerous varieties if outside contaminants are introduced to the water. Clean water floods are typically caused by:

  • Supply line bursts
  • Leaky pipes
  • Rain water or snow melt

2. Category 2: Gray Water Floods
Category 2 floods do contain mild amounts of contamination, but not enough to be considered a biohazard. If left untreated for 48 hours, a Category 2 flood can quickly become a Category 3. Gray water floods are usually a result of:

  • Sump pump failures
  • Malfunctioning household appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines
  • Broken aquariums

3. Category 3: Black Water Floods
Category 3 floods are the most dangerous types of floods. They're categorized by the presence of human/animal fecal matter, raw sewage, dangerous chemicals and other types of biohazards. These floods are extremely dangerous and can inflict massive amounts of water damage, so you should never attempt to remediate them on your own. They're often caused by:

  • Toilet back flow
  • Sewage overflow
  • Rising groundwater
  • Overflowing banks from rivers or streams

It's important to take all types of water damage seriously, but you need to be especially wary of damage caused by black water floods. If not treated properly, the situation will only get worse and worse. It's best to contact flood remediation experts if your property has been affected by Category 3 flooding.

5 Factors for Buying Property in a Flood Zone

1/27/2021 (Permalink)

state flooding Owners of properties in a flood zone should have flood insurance coverage

Here Are Five Factors That Could Have Some Bearing On Your Decision

If you are considering buying property situated in a known flood zone in  Harper Woods, MI, there are several things to bear in mind. It is important to be aware of the condition and location of the property and maintain insurance coverage. 

1. Schedule an Inspection Prior To Purchase
As soon as you become aware that a property is located in a flood-prone area, it is time to schedule an inspection. An inspector who knows what to look for in this type of location can identify signs of structural damage or mold growth that could pose problems down the line.

2. Maintain Homeowners Insurance Coverage
No matter what property you purchase, you should ensure any residence under a homeowners insurance policy. Check the endorsements and limits of this policy to determine whether additional coverage is necessary.

3. Get Additional Flood Insurance
Owners of properties in a flood zone should have flood insurance coverage. These policies supplement homeowners insurance and are required for properties financed with federally backed mortgages.

4. Take Measures To Prevent Storm Damage
It may be possible to reduce the likelihood or severity of flooding at a property. From improving drainage to installing backwater prevention valves, there are a number of ways to minimize flood damage.

5. Clean Up Water As Soon As Possible
Try to extract standing water from a residence within no more than two days after a flood. Within just 48 hours, mold may start to grow inside of any structure. This secondary damage may require even more costly remediation work.
While none of these elements may deter you from buying a residence in a flood zone in Harper Woods, MI, it is important to take precautions to lower out-of-pocket costs for repairing any degree of damage and the amount of an insurance claim.

3 Mold Prevention Steps for Your Bathroom

1/27/2021 (Permalink)

Bathroom fan with the phrase Prevent Mold Growth One of the best ways to reduce humidity levels in your bathroom is to provide proper ventilation

3 Mold Prevention Steps for Your Bathroom

Even if you scrupulously clean your bathroom, there is still a possibility for mold growth. This is primarily because bathrooms are often areas of high humidity. The good news, however, is that once you recognize that humidity is the top source of bathroom mildew, you can take steps to reduce the excess moisture. (If you've already noticed mold or mildew, contact water damage cleanup and repair professionals right away.)


One of the best ways to reduce humidity levels in the bathroom for mold prevention is to provide proper ventilation. Many homes are equipped with fans in in the ceiling that carry away the moisture-heavy steam from hot showers. Make sure your ventilation fans are equipped to handle the amount of humidity in the room. For example, if there is still condensation on the surfaces of the room when the fan has been running, you know that you need more ventilation. It may be necessary to open doors and windows to compensate for the lack of other airflow.

Daily Cleaning

Once you have adequate ventilation in the room, turn your attention to towels and floor mats. These surfaces are often damp and could easily become home to mold spores. You may notice that your bathroom décor smells musty or looks dusty. These are two signs of mold in the bathroom. Replace and launder towels and rugs regularly.

Comprehensive Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance is a vital component of mold prevention. This refers to replacing deteriorating caulk around the tub to replacing the wax ring under your toilet on a regular basis. The moisture from steamy showers can make its way past gaps in tile grout. Pooling water under the base of the toilet can host an entire colony of mold before you notice any water damage. The steps you take to keep your bathroom in top repair are essential to preventing mold.
Remember, water damage isn't the only source of mold in your bathroom. Prevent new growth by adding ventilation, removing sources of moisture, and focusing on appropriate maintenance. These steps can prevent a lot of expensive and trouble in your Grosse Pointe Woods, MI, home.